Building Intelligent Skies

Building Intelligent Skies

The ability to deliver valuable data to aircraft 1,000s of ft high over 100,000s of miles poses a unique set of challenges. We have developed ATOM | GRID to address these challenges. ATOM | GRID provides instantaneous traffic and flight information to both pilots and situational awareness for ground based assets.  This has been possible through advancements in ground station technology, radio and internet communications, security and integrity to provide a bespoke service  for the PilotAware ecosystem.

THE ATOM Station

The ATOM station (Air Traffic Overview and Management) is one of the most essential elements of the PilotAware eco-system, as it provides our intelligent GRID network with a method of uplinking important data to PilotAware devices. For FISOs, organisations and enthusiasts, a real time traffic display is can be accessed from ATOM's server.


ATOM videos

What's involved?

AN ATOM Introduction
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Building an Atom station
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Upgrade an OGN station
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